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One Piece Episode 932:Queen’s Sumo Inferno – A Review

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One Piece is back and it is going pretty strong. I have been waiting to see this episode ever since I read the manga and it was totally worth it.
I noticed that Toei animation has made an improvement to the anime. They don’t show like 1 and a half minutes of Recaps before the actual episode. I hope they continue doing this.
Ok let’s dive into the episode

Photo Courtesy : One Piece


Luffy and Old man Hyogoro have been caught by Queen and his men in the prison. Luffy is offered by Queen to join the Animal Kingdom pirates but he refuses. In response to this Queen has plans to execute them.
He plans to have a little bit of fun with this. He announces that Luffy and Old man Hyogoro will compete with his guards in his Sumo Inferno , a sumo wrestling match. Its basically a sumo match and all the same rules apply. It’s just no hold barred.

The guards overconfidently confront Luffy and rush to execute him. Luffy uses haki and instantly immobilizes the forces in an instant. Everyone is shocked cause Luffy can use Haki .

Photo Courtesy: One PIece

The scene cuts to the bathhouse where Nami, Robin, and Shinobu Chan have been relaxing for a while amongst the ruckus. Suddenly X-Drake and Hawkins arrive to scope the place. In a shocking turn of events, they reveal that they want to look at everyone’s ankles to reveal the reverse crescent moon tattoo. they request everyone with the said tattoo to go along with them.
This presents an unprecedented problem to the straw hats. Hawkins starts to remember Nami and at that moment Sanji shows up in his Germa 66 Stealth Black suit.

Photo Courtesy: One PIece

X- Drake being from North blue realizes who stealth black is. Sanji, Hawkins, and X-Drake get into a fight inside the bathhouse while showcasing his powers. Sanji escapes with the ladies to where Ussop and the others reside.

The scenes ends with it cutting off to Luffy. His hunger for improvement is showcased and how he is going to attain that new power is going to be seen in the next episode.

Photo Courtesy: One PIece

In the end, we see Zoro approach a bridge and I don’t want to give spoilers but the next episode is going to fire.

Photo Courtesy: One PIece

My review:

This episode was everything I expected and more. This is where the pace picks up in One Piece as we edge closer to the events that are going to transpire. The animation has improved immensely and I will suggest anime One Piece who stopped watching the series should start rewatching from now. History is in the making and I think Toei animation is taking a new direction and trying to do justice to One Piece. I hope so

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Do Indians watch anime?


Indians and Anime.
It is an age-old concept that has become nerve-wracking.

Hey guys I’m back with another post.
This not a review per se but an observation I’ve made in the few years that I’ve started watching anime.

Indian people tend to have different tastes altogether and this indifference leads to arguments. The misconceptions are plenty when it comes to lots of topics.


In India, Japanese Anime is considered merely as cartoons. Perusing through the mind of an average Indian, I can say that people don’t differentiate between cartoons and anime.

It is a common misconception to say that both are the same and appeal to a younger generation. People imagine it to be something that does not consist of violence or does not consist of real stories. They imagine it to only consist of characters whacking each other on the heads with clubs.

Well, No this is not what anime entails.

Anime is a good concoction of emotions, original stories, and characters. It is a long road that starts with the main character and the stories he has to share while touching other people’s lives.

Some anime is heart-wrenching and people miss the point of it saying that they are cartoons.
Anime is something that appeals to a younger generation as well as an older generation.


Photo Courtesy : Attack on Titan

There were moments when I have cried in joy and cried in sadness after watching some of these. There were times when my heart skipped a beat following the exhilaration that anime had to offer. That feeling that you get is incomparable to any cartoon of this generation.

Anime such as Attack on titan is gruesome and feel original even though it is of a make-believe world. It discusses a race of humans trapped inside several walls to survive like lab rats for centuries. The exploration of the world and human need, desire to escape, and see what is in store for us in the world. This is the premise of this show.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece

One Piece, an anime that has been running for over 2 decades in the industry has shown so many aspects of life throughout their journey. Death, friendship, sacrifices, topics upon racism, slavery, etc. are some elements that add to the lore. The main characters are pirates that are considered to be bad people but they show a different side to all that. The bureaucracy reigning superior over the world misuses their power and the pirates are against that. The adventures of these pirates, while they travel and helping people out on the way, is what makes one piece a true spectacle to watch.

Photo Courtesy: Ramayana: The legend of Prince Rama

Ramayana: The legend of Prince Rama which was directed by Ram Mohan, an Indian director in collaboration with Japanese Manga Artist Yugo Sako debuted in theatres on 10th May 1992. For some reason, people boycotted this movie that showed our culture and traditions and brought a visualized form to convey to the younger generation on what our grandparents used to tell us as fairytales. It didn’t get much praise in India because it was considered as a mere cartoon but all the kids who have seen it beg to differ. Most of them are old now and have their kids but the values acquired after seeing that spectacle will live on and it will be spread to the next generation.


Children have been eluded to the realities of the world and the consequences of such things. Cartoons today don’t inculcate that emotion that we had when we were younger. Most of the shows are being censored by the censor board. As a medium, you have to convey something that can be done better by visual media than by speaking or writing.

Anime is a concept that should be familiar to the Indian audience by now. I want to do my part to get this knowledge towards the people and I want them to see what we anime enthusiasts see. Original stories have more freedom when they conveyed through animation. The limits are endless.

Streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crunchy Roll are rolling out anime for the masses in India, there is surely a change coming.

Hope you will start checking out some anime soon. It is worth it.


Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru Season 1 : A run to remember

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Today I would like to review an anime that I recently watched and wish I had watched a long time ago. Run with the Wind/ Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru is the pinnacle of emotions. Let’s dive in.


This series is written by Shion Miura and the Anime adaptation done by Production I.G. It iterates the story of Haiji Kiyose, a final year literature student studying at Kansei University who wishes to run the Hakone Ekiden, a prestigious marathon. 10 teams consisting of 10 members each qualify for the marathon out of 50 teams.

Photo Courtesy : Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

Premise of the show:

In the first episode, we can see, Haiji on a bike chasing Kurehara Kakeru who is running in perfect form and that amazes Haiji and plans to recruit him. He finally attains the 10th man and hence forms his team.
The main cast contains 10 players.
You might think at first that that might be a problem but every character is given importance. Every character’s backstory is given importance. How each action affects them and how they overcome it through running is the central prospect of this show. Finding your true self through running, this is the main premise of the show.

Photo Courtesy : Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

The final 10 players are:
Kurehara Kakeru, Haiji Kiyose, Shindo, Prince, Jot, and Joji the twins, Yuki, Musa an exchange student from Tanzania, King, Nico- Senpai.
I have mentioned the nicknames of most of the players because it’s much more relatable that way. Every character in this series has a different personality and different views on how to go by their lives. The story begins when Haiji Kiyose announces to all the members living in the dorm, that they are a part of the track team. Everyone’s face is bewildered by this news.
Everyone is hesitant about running in the beginning. Once they started running they start to realize about themselves, lets go of all the worries, Certain answers to questions such as what purpose is there to running or why is everyone so passionate about it come towards them through running.

Photo Courtesy : Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

My review:

The sweetest part about why this series touched me was because of its male camaraderie. Of course, this is seen in most anime but in this one, it is shown in depth. There is ample action in this anime but what it has more is the true heart. The way the writer has conveyed each teammate’s feelings and understanding towards each other will make you feel good inside. The character development goes to show you how good this show really is. The music composed by Yuki Hayashi has an amazing impact on the scenes. It is very apt for the series and brings out the emotion fro the characters as well as us.

Photo Courtesy : Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

The meaning of true friendship, reasons to fight for them, passions attached to live for them, what it means to support and uplift each other are all concepts that are mentioned well in this anime. More than the sports elements, the characters bring you joy and will want to make you run. This anime is one that really touched my heart and I will definitely suggest each one of you to watch it. You won’t be disappointed at all.

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Anime Movies

Kimi No Na Wa: Love that defies the confines of time and space

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Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite movies in anime history, Kimi No Na Wa


Kimi No Na Wa ( Your Name ) is a Japanese romantic, fantasy animated movie that was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. This movie is by far the best movie that Makoto Shinkai has directed. He is one of those animators who uses traditional Japanese drawing techniques to create his characters.

It feels wonderful reviewing this movie since its a wonderful day to fall in love. Let’s dive into the story.


The story revolves around Taki Tachibana, a high school student who resides in Tokyo and Mitsuha Miyamizu, who lives in Itomori, Japan. The story starts with a comet approaching the earth and creating a wonderful skyline in the process. The whole world looks in awe as the comet flashes by their eyes as it makes history.

Photo Courtesy : Kimi No Na Wa

Our main characters dream about each other after the comet had appeared. Once thought of like a dream, turns into a freaky Friday situation when both of them exchange bodies and live each other’s lives.

Taki goes to school in Tokyo and works a job at a restaurant in the night time. He has a slight crush on Miku Okudera( Okudera Senpai) who works there with him. Mitsuha is also a girl of the same age going to school in a town named Itomori. There she is a part of her family tradition. The premise of time travel and the idea behind it time is very neatly laid down by the director. It gives us a slight idea as to what is going to happen.

Photo Courtesy : Kimi No Na Wa

Makoto Shinkai has beautifully intertwined the lives of our main characters. They have not felt the touch of each other nor the breath nor the fragrance. It is a relationship truly build from mental understanding. They truly understand each other, the troubles they face and in the process they make each other stronger. They keep switching bodies and learns about their significant other and start feeling for each other.

Both of them realize that they are falling in love with each other. Something which started as a weird mismatch of bodies turns into love.

Unfortunately, things spiral downwards by the time they realize what they meant to each other.

Taki Tachibana goes on a trip to find Mitsuha the girl he loves with his two comrades. He searches far and wide but to his dismay, he is not able to find her. Impending doom awaited her and he was the only one who could save her.

He finds the truth about what happens to Mitsuha and is on a time-crunched journey to save her from peril. In a shocking turn of events, the story moves forward bringing us to tears and what saves them is their relentless love for each other.

Photo Courtesy : Kimi No Nawa

My review:

This movie is the greatest thing that the world has to offer. Every shot of this movie is mesmerizing. It’s truly breathtaking. The soundtracks and music included in this movie are one of those factors which make this movie really memorable. It gives us a sense of what the director is trying to convey and it serves as food for the soul. Radwimps does it again by enriching our hearts full of love.

Falling in love is simple but when the situation gets dire and there is no hope, will that love last and flourish?
That is the premise and plot raised here.
Will Mitsuha and Taki end up together or not?
Or does fate have a different idea for them?
That is something I (あなたを愛し) cannot share in this review because it will take the amazement out of watching this truly wonderful masterpiece.
I would give this movie an 8/10 because none of Taki’s past was shown in this movie.

The movie is stunning, romantic, it will make you cry more times than you can count and it will make you wonder how far will you go for your loved one. I would suggest this movie to anyone who is not an anime fan or is an anime fan. You won’t be disappointed. You will love it.

Did you like my review?
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Black Clover Anime

Black Clover – Episode 133 : The Lion Awakens

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Today we will be discussing episode 133 of Black clover. It has been a few excruciating months without our favorite animes but now they are all going to be back in full swing.

Black clover is a fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It follows the story of a boy who does not possess magic in a world where it is considered not normal. With the realization that he possesses something more, anti-magic that nullifies magic, our young hero pushes forward into the distance to achieve his goal. to become the Wizard King.


Ok, let’s dive into the synopsis for today’s episode.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover

Mereoleona Vermillion has arrived at the Black Bulls castle and taken some of the members for training to the strong magic region, The Yultim Volcano along with the Crimson Lion Kings.
Mereoleona and Fuegoleon Vermillion explain that they will be training there before facing the devil of the Spade Kingdom.

The times have changed. Instead of reaching the top, they will have to reach the bottom, into the depths of the Yultim Caves. There they stumble into an old dungeon where traces of strong magical objects can be found. The group instructed by the wizard king goes on to search the dungeons for the magical objects.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover

This episode revolves around Leo Vermillion and his uncertainty with his powers. He comes to the realization that he might not be powerful enough to handle the pressure of the mission ahead. His face-off with his colleagues alter ego in the last battle rattles him to make him question his abilities.

He encounters the humungous spider and fighting golems activated by its magic. Overwhelmed by the monster’s strength and the entrapment of his dear teammate who he respects so much, he reaches a deep state of focus and puts forth the will to fight and unlocks a new spell. In a great burst of flames, he pulverizes them and retrieves the magical item hence proving that he has a long way to go but that it is just the beginning.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover

My review:

After a long wait, the Black clover anime has returned. It’s a show I look forward to watching every week. This episode was a good addition to Leo Vermillions’ evolution and how strong he will get in the future. The passion and flair he demonstrates to save his Vice Captain and in the process to unlock a new spell are tremendous. The Black Bulls, Asta, and everyone are a step closer to reaching a high level since the last couple of battles. A scene in the end in the spring with Noelle and Mereleona demonstrates a wonderful relationship that is occurring between them. I have a feeling that Noelle considers Mereleona as a mother figure and of course wants to know about her biological mother from her.

What are your opinions on this?

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One Piece Manga

One Piece Chapter 984 : Yamato Revealed

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One piece is written and illustrated by Eichiro Oda and has been running on Shonen Jump for more than 20 years. It tells a story of a boy who dreams of becoming the Pirate King and how he and his pirate crew search the vasts sea for the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

I know I am 3 days late but better late than never. I’m going to dive into the content.

Synopsis of the Chapter:

Luffy was seen engaging in battle with Page one and Ulti, 2 of the profound members of the Flying six, and a part of the Tobi Roppo. They were invited to the fire festival by Kaido himself.

The ending of the last chapter showed us a mysterious character using Kaidos Thunder Bagaou on Ulti and Page one. Decimating them completely.

The mysterious character Yamoto, who is the son of Kaido helps Luffy escape the duo to safety. Luffy being cautious is vary of this stranger. He picks a fight with Yamato not knowing who he is and not knowing why he is helping him. While they are fighting Yamoto says ” This is only making me remember a battle from the past.”

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

The fact that he would say something like this is very intriguing indeed. Did they know each other from before?

Was he a past enemy now turned into a friend?

The scene shifts to the Performance Stage in the Skull Dome where Momonuske is shown dangling from chains, badly bruised and humiliated. The straw hats can only look in despair as he hangs there. Kaido explains his “Onigashima Plan” to his whole crew.

The next scene cuts to Law and his crew along with Dogstorm, Kiku, and the others traveling in his submarine beneath the island to reach the passage into Onigashimsa through the back. There they meet Cat Viper and a few interesting friends of his who join the fight.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

YES!!! Marco has joined the fight and he has brought along Izo, who was the 16th commander of White Beard Pirates. Everyone is ecstatic to see each other but there is no time to reminisce past experiences. Time is of the essence, Marco explains.

The story cuts to its final part where Yamato explains that he was a big admirer of Kozuki Oden and he was there 20 years ago when he witnessed the Hour of Legends where Kozuki Oden sacrificed his life.

He possesses a certain diary containing very important information that he wants to share with Luffy.

In the end, he rips off his mask and a little bit of the torso to reveal that Yamato is a woman dressed as a man. And the chapter ends with a line saying. You remind me of Ace.

Photo courtesy : Shueisha Shonen Jump Weekly – One Piece

My review:

This Chapter is one of the perfects examples of why Eichiro Oda Senpai is a master of his craft. He has built up the characters in such a way that they reappear in future chapters as important parts necessary to the storyline. Izo the 16 Division Commander for the White Beard Pirates who was a former resident of Wano who was seen in the Marineford Arc to be brought back into the mix is a clear indication that Eichiro Oda cares for his characters and every character has a purpose they need to fulfill in the entirety of the story. The reveal in the end with Yamato and leaving it as a cliff hanger for us to think upon is Eichiro Oda’s brilliance as a writer at play. This chapter was amazing and I am waiting to know about the connection between Ace and Yamato.

Were they friends and did Ace know that Yamato was a woman?

Where did Yamato get the diary of Oden from?

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God of High School reviews

God of High School: The new generation of anime arrives

Welcome to my review on episode 1 of God of High School.

God of Highschool is a webtoon Manhwa that has been adapted into anime by Crunchyroll and produced by Mappa Studios. It is written and illustrated by Yonjhi Park.

This first episode truly blew my mind. Every frame and every second of this was mind-boggling. It was so gripping that you would not apprehend the complexity of what occurred and how did it end so fast.

Introducing the characters:

The first episode introduces us to the main 3 characters of the show Han Daewi (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa ), Yu Mira ( voiced by Ayaka Ohashi), and Jin Mori(Tatsumaru Tachibana).

Premise and Plot of the show:

The basic premise of the show is that a martial arts tournament is held in Seoul, South Korea to decide who the best fighter is in all the high schools combined. All three characters posses different fighting styles and many more characters are being introduced who are unbelievable.

The animation in this is flawless. Every fight scene has been meticulously choreographed and the wait was worth it.

Every punch, every kick, and every emotion has been accurately portrayed.

This is the start for the anime but leaving the premise for this anime something is lurking in the shadows that have not reared its head out. It adds to the excitement.

The first set of scenes showcases a chase scene where all the three main characters coincidentally meet to stop a thief who rides off on a motorbike and it starts with a badass fighting sequence.

The second half of the anime starts with the tournament and I am not going to give you spoilers. Keep your eyes open to falling in love with martial arts.

My review:

Overall the first episode was more than what I expected. Being a fan of Tower of God, I had my hopes up pretty good and they took me to the top and send me flying high, wanting more. The first episode deserves a 10/10 for its delivery and you guys should check it out definitely.

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Anime reviews

A Review from the heart

Hey Anime enthusiasts!

I am a final year law student who is also a long time anime fan and I find it endearing as to what magical worlds and ideas it has to offer. An audience to share this feeling with is what I desire.

I am starting this blog because for some years now I have not been able to write articles and blogs for some time cause of my busy schedule. The Covid-19 lockdowns gave me a good opportunity to watch tons of anime and bask in its glory. 

The reason for creating this blog site is two-fold.

Be perceived as a medium to share thoughts about your favorite anime and share your emotions relating to the various series.

I hope that this will provide a medium for anime lovers just like myself to express their opinions freely and discuss this.

I want to blog openly to the masses so that I can share my excitement and opinions about any kind of series.

I will be covering episode reviews and complete series reviews according to your wishes. So please comment below the posts on what you want me to review next and feedback is a must so that I can improve more.

I would love to connect with everyone who shares an interest and love for anime and would like to share their opinions, theories relating plot twists in the story, etc.

I would like to continue reviewing anime for the rest of my life if I can cause nothing brings me more joy than watching anime and getting immersed in that wonderful experience.