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Blue Lock Manga Chapter 1 : Dreams – Ego Is The Catalyst To Victory

When you hear the word egoistic, what does it bring to mind?
Egoistic narcissistic people, who only care about themselves and move forward?

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

The next manga I’m going to talk about here today is one such with the ‘main’ premise as ‘ ego.’

Welcome back to another anime review. I’ve been snug in my bed and reading manga all day long. It just so relaxing. No screeching voices, no disturbances, a cup of joe, and a good manga to read. Blue-Lock is the anime I want to introduce to you today.

Blue-Lock is a shounen sports manga written by Muneyuki Kanashiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. Weekly Shonen Jump is the publisher.

Blue-lock is a manga that revolves around football. Over the years, there has been much anime revolving around the concept of football, but this one is unique. The ‘interesting’ factor is that it does not focus on the game as much on the person’s attitude towards it.

The story begins as the National Japanese Football team, is defeated during the 2018 World Cup. The management, for some reason, doesn’t care for the team and its players and is only greedy for Money.

Anri Teiri, a beautiful and bold woman who is also a member of the JFA (Japanese Football Association), suggests that if they don’t want the repeat of the previous year’s ridiculous antics, they should devise a plan to improve the players.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

As all the men in the room were skeptical of her, she formulates a plan that may save Japanese Football and make it the best in the world. She introduces a new coach to the team Jinpachi Ego. He is a visionary who will bring change to football as we know it.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

The main character Yoichi Isagi is a fantabulous football player who swishes across the defense line to score a goal. It is the final match for a spot in the nationals. He has got a firm target on the goal. His friend calls for a ball and, as a football player, passing was the right choice. There is no ‘i’ in the team, but this story focuses on the general aspect that man is an egoistic being. The fire to be independent rages inside them. He passes the ball and, his teammate screws up the shot. He thinks about his mode of play and if he had made the right decision. The striker from the other team launches a counter-attack and scores a goal. His dream to go to Nationals ends there.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

In a match, sometimes ego and a strong firm mindset are required to take the game forward. This manga fleshes out the monsters in the players and ‘truly’ reveals what their true potential is. That is the essence of Blue Lock. Football is a game where a team is the main element, but the individual who has possession of the ball must be, prepared for any obstacle in front of them.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

Isagi walks back home in regret thinking what would’ve happened if he had taken the shot himself. Would the outcome be different?
His dream of winning the World Cup as a member of the Japanese team kept fading away.

He reaches home and, waiting for him, was a letter inviting him to an under 19 training camp by Japan’s national team. Ecstatic and excited, he rushed to the location of the JFA. He runs into Ryousuke Kira, the player who scored a goal against his team. The player who he thought would become a pro player. They both create a great dynamic and move on towards the stage.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

300 candidates had reached there, and as they entered, all eyes were on Isagi and Kira. Intimidating eyes and potential rival candidates had arrived in that small hall.

One of the main aspects of this manga I would like to express is its truly unique art style. Take Haikyu for instance it can be considered a masterpiece. Its artwork is impressive in every way. This manga will give Haikyu a run for its money.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

The sketching is mind-blowing. It feels as though the football is leaving the pages and appearing as a real-life object right in front of your very eyes. Emotions, aura, and everything that goes well with the story is presented to its viewers. The Blue Lock Characters give out a realistic vibe that none can ignore. It is so relatable.

Jinpachi Ego appears and, addresses the whole crowd. His words are shrewd with a dignified aspect. He calls every one of them unpolished gems. He tells them that the blue-lock project will put them in their place.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

The Blue Lock is a stadium that looks more or like The Pentagon, and it is going to be host to 300 players. Amongst whom one striker is going to be chosen, to represent Japan.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

But, there is a catch. One player survives and, the other players, will be disqualified from playing any match professionally or in a league ever. If they lose, it will be the end of their careers. The players throw slanders at the coach. They are not ready to forfeit their careers for some kind of dream like this.

In one word Ego shuts them up. He explains that the concepts that people have about football are all wrong. It is not a team sport, but a sport where you play at the expense of your team. That’s what it means. The person who scores the most goals will be considered the best striker.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

He presents comparisons with Pele and shows them what they have that all the students were lacking. The ego to play for one’s self and to use that ego to become tenacious and set their target on the goal.

“Your greatest Joy is scoring points and nothing else. You live for the3 excitement of that very moment. Now that’s what you call a striker, right?” He asked.

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

These words make them go into a frenzy. Every single player runs towards the doorway to their future. Their lives are going to be changed forever. The hunt for the best striker in all of Japan begins.

” This will become football’s critical moment” – Jinpachi Ego

Photo courtesy : Weekly Shonen Magazine – Blue Lock

Until Next time see ya!

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