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One Piece Episode 944 : A Storm Has Come! A Raging Big Mom! – A Review

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to another fun-filled anime review. One Piece is edging closer and closer to its main storyline, and it keeps getting better and better.

Episode 944 of One Piece is on the plate so let’s dive in.

In the last episode, we saw Zoro and Sanji’s epic stance to sage Toko from the grasp of Orochi. They succeeded and, it was a heck of an episode indeed.

Back at Udon prison Big Mom enters the scene and is about to wreak havoc in her attempt to get some red-bean soup.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944

This episode was just a stepping stone to the major events about to take place. Kinemon confesses to Ashira Doji that he was the one who instigated Holdem to attack Atamaya. Atamaya was home to the Atamaya bandits and, destroyed in the feud between the animal pirates and Ashura Doji. Losing his home made him vengeful towards the Animal Kingdom pirates.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944

Kinemon even, if his intentions were in the right place, it was wrongful of him to commit such an atrocious act. The hardships that Ashura Doji may have gone through for over 20 years to attain his place at Atamaya was vanquished by a local feud.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944

Ashura Doji tells Kinemon that he doesn’t know the struggles that they went through for over 20 years and wants to show them something. The hope of him joining is feint but, it is partially there.

In Udon, an enraged Big mom attempts to ‘forcefully destroy the gates.’ With all her might, she managed to put a dent in it. It was refreshing to hear Chopper’s voice after so long. You miss the cute guy now and then. His scenes with Robin were just one of my favorite memories of One Piece.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944
Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944

Big Mom destroys all three gates and enters the prison. Everyone is shocked at the sight of Big Mom. Their eyes pop out like moles coming out of holes. It was a hilarious sight indeed but, you have to agree that it was ‘normal’ to react that way. Big mom ventured into Wano against all odds to find Luffy and, now she has no memory of those things whatsoever.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944

The chemistry between Okiku and Chopper is just hilarious. Okiku’s plan to conceal her face is to tie a towel over their faces and, it’s ridiculous. Chopper agrees with that connotation 100%. It’s the same principle when Superman switches from his specs to the suit.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944

The red-bean soup dispute has arisen to a level that none can think to fathom. Queen wants the soup as much as Big Mom. He loses his mind and transforms into his Bronchyian Dinosaur form. It is grotesque to look at, but in an instant, but he pissed Big mom and, she pummels him like you would a damn rat. That was one hell of a scene.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece Episode 944

The next 4-5 episodes are going to be epic and, it will unveil some really surprising and noteworthy scenes. This is a good time to be a One Piece fan. The true spirit of One Piece, as envisioned in the early days by Eichiro Oda is back again.

Until next time. See ya!

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