Burn The Witch Season 1

Burn The Witch Episode 1 : Witches Blow A New Pipe – A Review

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another exciting anime review. This week is going to be crazy!!!!!!
People are referring to these coming months to be the best fall for anime. We’ve got a lot of new anime coming up and seasons too.

‘ Burn the witch’ is a limited manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo, an accomplished manga writer who is also the author of ‘ Bleach.’ Apart from some references, this anime is not similar to bleach. It is a different anime and, all you can do is dive into the anime and enjoy it.

So let’s dive in.

We are introduced to an alternate side of London. Reverse- London. It is a beautiful place where magic flourishes and dragons are an integral part of society. So much so that if you are even a meter close to them, it is a penal offense.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

Ninny Spangcole, who is quite a star in London, is chased by Paparazzi one minute and, the next minute, she’s ready to fight magical creatures.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1
Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

Noel Nihaashi is a very calm witch, who cares for creatures and excels at magic. She is partnered with Nina to do her daily duties.

It’s hard to believe that the author has subtly, directed our attention involuntarily into this world and I feel it is a true feat of magic. The world grows upon you as you watch the series. The animation in this is so flawless and beautiful you imagine if you’re in a Ghibli movie.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

The day turns a bit interesting when Balgo Parx, a member of the dragon clad flies up above the sky, whilst clinging to a rope attached to the cutest, dragon- dog you can find. The hilarious words that are coming out of its mouth need to be censored for now and to be only seen on tv.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

They finally catch up to him and rescue him from the shackles off his stupid debacles. He snags against a chimney and falls. A person over there almost touches the dragon-dog Osushi-chan but, he evades somehow. The penalty for even just touching the dragon or breeding is 100 years in prison or death.

Noel is a calm and collected girl while her partner Ninny is a proactive, proud, and moody one. Somehow they kind of suit each other. Through this journey, the viewers are introduced to the follies and dangers of this world and also the beauty that surrounds it. The Wing Bind and the Society protects citizens from any danger whatsoever.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

Noel knows Balgo and Osucshi personally, and she knows that osuschi won’t grow his wings and fly off unnecessarily. Balgo also claims that he hasn’t done anything goofy to tick off his dog. She concludes that Balgo might be in danger and that’s why Osuchi reacted the way he did.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

At that exact moment emerged a big white dragon, trying to get a slice of Balgo. Noel uses a gun that uses mana to subdue the dragon. It comes down way to easy but the dangerous situation has not surpassed. It seems as though that the dragon is a rare kind of breed and its capture is a necessary thing towards their survival.

Reverse London is equipped with many protocols to tackle dragons. It is a fortified area where all the precautions can be taken. Both the girls decide to take matters into their own hands. Instead of calling for back up, they decide to prove themselves in front of their superiors.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

Both of them try to distract the creature and take it out. It is headless and, there are a lot of weak spots they can hit. The magical spells used are really good to look at. Their effectiveness is portrayed through the flawless animation. When Noel uses a spell to send mana spears to subdue the dragon, it was the most epic scene ever.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

Since it is a limited series, the story moves very fast. It skips to a round table of many prestigious and powerful people. Just like the times of Yore, a roundtable consisting of a king and his valiant knights.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

The Wing Bind Supreme Powers watch the events transpiring through a viewing device. One by one, they are introduced and, each person has an independent personality. They potentially fear the existence of the dragon clad Balgo Parx and wants him eliminated. Their superior is involved in this and, things start to escalate from there.

Photo Courtesy : Burn The Witch Episode 1

This anime has a special kind of genuine persona and I feel its worth the watch. It bases its premise around fairytail creatures. The concept of witches and wizards, worldbuilding, many interesting characters, and flawless animation are something to look forward to. The London scenery is mesmerizing and glorious, just like this anime.

Until next time. See ya!

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