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God Of Highschool Episode 13: Seiten Taisei -The Monkey King

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Welcome back to an exciting post of the anime reviews.

God of Highschool, the anime that has been creating a buzz aired its final episode of the first season. Everyone is going crazy, especially me. 😀

In my posts, I had addressed concerns regarding the storytelling and the narrative that the anime had adopted. Well, this episode sums it all up and leaves us with a lot of things to expect in the future.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Jeagal Teak consumes ‘ The Key’ and becomes a God, an angel of death. It spells doom for Jin Mori and everyone involved. Jegeal Teak doesn’t waste any time. He wants to lay waste to the land.

On the front line are Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yu Mira. Everyone at their limits is assaulted and taken down one by one. Jin Mori frightened at the sight of Jegala Teak can’t seem to move.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

When Han Daewi jumps in front of Mori and Mira to sacrifice his life, something in him snaps. Remember in the match between Illpyo and Mori, when he unlocked a latent power?
It comes to fruition once again but this time, he can use the full extent of it. Jin Mori unlocks the power and this person he has turned into is a different entity. He turns into Seiten Taisei. He is revered to be God himself and referred to as the monkey king.

The Monkey King has existed throughout history with different names, in many cultures. In Chinese Mandarin, he is known as Sun Wukong. In Japanese folklore he is referred to as Son Goku and predating all this is the Monkey God knows as Hanuman from the Indian scripture of Ramayana. His staff the Nyoibo is also something from the Chinese texts. It was given to the Monkey king by the Dragon Queen. It was a pillar that had no use but glowed in the hands of the Monkey King. It resonated with him and became his greatest power. This anime has been keeping these facts hidden behind all the fighting and it is quite interesting that they revealed it all in the final episode.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

An epic fight commences between Seiten Taisei and Jeagal Teak. The fight is by far one of the best-animated fights in the series. He takes down Jeagel Teak’s hideous creatures using his Nyoibo. Jin Mori makes Jeageal Teak pay for every indecent deed he has done. The satisfaction after watching him beat him to a pulp is overwhelming. He got what was coming to him. The journey for the attainment of power is one that will bring ruin. He found out the hard way.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Mujin Park and the others looking from a distance witness the spectacle created by Jin Mori. Chakreyok is a power that is borrowed from the Gods but as Park Mujin describes it, Jin Mori is indeed a God himself. He is the one who can revel against ‘ The possessor of the Key.’ He summons lightning from the skies to destroy Jegal Teak and subdues him.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13
Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Mori collapses into the loving hands of his friends. They suspect that Mori has been possessed by someone else but that is not the case. Mori’s crown reacts to Jegal Teak’s tenacious intent. Jegeal Teak wants more power and he transforms into a grotesque creature who wants to devour everyone.

Mira and Han struggle to keep Mori out of harms way. I appreciate that the author gives everyone a chance to prove themselves and that is one of the reasons this anime is so good. It is not the main character-driven plot. Many subplots intertwine to form a complete story.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Park Illpyo arrives and tells Mori that he should not do things alone. He should rely on friends more. The four of them engage in an epic fight scene, launch an onslaught of attacks, and destroys Jegeal Teak. Mori launches his final attack but struggles to finish him. The grandson of ‘ The Magician’ turns things around for them by petrifying Jegeal Teak and he is finally destroyed.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

When the fight is over a member of the SIX appears from her slumber. Kim Ungneyo, the progenitor of life as we know it. Another God appears after all the fights are over. The agreement that Mujin Park had laid down with all the competitors of God of highschool was that the winner would receive whatever they wished for. She is the grantor of that wish.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Jin Mori rushes to the opportunity to make a wish without consulting anyone. His deepest desire comes out flowing through tears, to see his grandfather once again. His grandfather is the only one he has and his longing can be felt within each viewer. With the permission of his teammates, he asks to heal everyone hurt during the battle. Illpyo’s cousins were all healed from their disabilities and back to good shape.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Jin Mori, even though is a knucklehead cares for the people around him. This scene itself is proof of that. A touching reunion between siblings occurs and hence the curtain falls on God of Highschool.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Three months have passed, The Magician Jeon Jeasen has passed away and Na Bongchim, Mori’s sensei treats him as a Big Brother and pays respects at his grave. Seo Hallyang also arrives at the scene and hilariously asks if Na Bongchim had sorted out relationship stuff with Ungneyo. That was a spoiler we didn’t need but deserved. 😀

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Mujin Park aims at taking the presidential election to seize control of the Country but NOX is one step ahead. The Traitor amidst Mujin Park’s organization is also revealed and it was an interesting development.

Jin Mori wakes up from his 3-month long slumber and has no memory whatsoever of what went down. He finds that Ilpyo has been traveling around the world to collect the fragments of the Key.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Finally, the secret of the Key has been revealed. Ugneyou explains it as a power to revel against the Gods. With its power, a human can drag God from the holy realm and kill him.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

Han Daewi tells Mori that to unlock his memories, he will have to go to the homeland of Seiten Taisei and the atmosphere looks fun. A temple on top of a cliff. OOOOhhhh Fun!!!!!!. 😀

Jin Taejin is shown in shackles at the NOX hideout and he talks about Jin Mori being able to defeat the Gods, Fate, and himself. It is suspicious that he would count himself in this unless he is pretty sure that something is going to happen to him. Something sure to change his psyche and make him evil.

Photo Courtesy : God Of Highschool Episode 13

God of Highschool has left us a lot to think about before Season 2. The spoilers are endless and it increases the hype. The story ends on a high note, setting up a lot of subplots and intrigue. The world-building still has some gaps but I’m sure that they can bring more clarity in season 2.

Until Next time. See ya!

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