Fire Force Season 1

Fire Force Season 1 : The Dawn Of A New Age (Episode 1-4)

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another anime review. Today, we’ll be talking about an anime that I loved and got hooked on in the first episode.

Enn Enn No Shoubutai( Fire Force), a marvelous manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo, revolves around Shinra Kusakabe, a young cadet fresh out from the academy. He joins the Fire Force Unit 8 and aims to be a hero.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1

This anime caught my eyes, not just for the visuals but the sound. Every action is followed by a specific sound that you can feel radiating through your body. The animation is spot on and the characters are splendid.

We will be discussing the introductory arc for this series.

Episode 1 : Shinra Kusakabe Enlists

Its the Solar year 198 and humanity as we know it is no more. The earth succumbed to a great catastrophe that made most of the people extinct. A new world is formed and each generation of children possess the ability to create and manipulate flames.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 1

The first scene starts with a person catching on fire instantaneously. These phenomenons have been occurring around the world and hence the fire force has been formed. These beings are called Infernals and they are dammed creatures who walk the earth. The fire force team 8 arrives at the scene and take out the infernal.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 1

What I liked about the anime is that they have focused on world-building and the relationship the characters share. They have laid the foundation for that and then have moved to the central premise of the story.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 1
Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 1

Shinra Kusakabe is a third-generation pyrokinetic and is a person who can generate flames from within his body. He is rightly called a devil. Captian Akitaru Obi is a regular human possessing no abilities but his leadership qualities and unwavering moral sense are what keeps the team together( he is my favorite character ). Takaehisha Hinawa, the lieutenant of the squad, and Maki-San are second-generation pyrokinetic and she manipulates fire. Hinawa uses firearms and with flame bullets in them and Maki is a badass who has brains. brawns and kickass fighting style. Sister Iris is the designated Sister who has trained under the Holy Sol temple.

The concept of reading the final rights before putting an infernal to rest is a highlight in this anime. It shows the sign of compassion and forgiveness in dark times.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 1

Shinra Kusakabe lost his mother and little brother in a fire. Ever since he was a little boy, he wanted to be a hero, and his mother is the one who supported his dream. Losing her is the reason why he wanted to save people.

Shinra Kusakabe’s first mission goes a bit south for him yet with the help of his new team, triumphs over it. The team works together to give Shinra his first chance at putting an infernal to rest.

This anime is a dedication to all the wonderful firefighters out there who risk their lives to save us. The emotions towards the fire force depicted in the anime speak a thousand words.

Episode 2: The Heart Of A Fire Soldier

This whole arc is an introductory arc. The premise, the characters, and the system that the world moves around are discussed in it. A story must have a solid footing so that it can flourish and resonate with its audience.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 2

A new member arrives at the fire force company 8 cathedral. Arthur Boyle, a rival to Shinra Kusakabe and a recruit for the fire force company 8. He is a weird one. Self-boasting, ‘ Mr. Popular’ if you may. Shinra and Arthur get into a duel from the start itself. It is always good to have contrasting characters and this show has plenty of them. Arthur is also a third-generation pyrokinetic who uses a sword powered by a condensed plasma flame.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 2

Maki-San goes against both Shinra and Arthur, to test their skills, and they utterly fail against her. Her tenacious attitude and fighting spirit cannot be matched. She is one of the most lovable characters in the series.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 2
Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 2

The highlight of this episode is Captain Akitaru Obi. He values and prioritizes the lives of civilians more than putting an infernal to rest. Captain Obi told Shinra and Arthur to keep their weapons concealed in front of the next of kin. They didn’t listen and started questioning him. He made them understand that what they were doing was the same as murder. Putting to rest, prayers were all a ruse to do their jobs. To always give respect to the next of kin who are going through a difficult time and give relief, that is what Fire Soldiers must aspire to do. This message resonates with the audience and it entices them to follow Captain Obi. He is a great leader and there can be no one like him.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 2

An incident occurs at the home when a mysterious person spills some dust inside the house and it destroys the whole complex. The mystery of human combustion and why it occurs is discussed through this very scene. That is the main goal, to find the reason behind this.

Episode 3: The Rookie Fire Soldier Games

The time for the rookie tournament is here. A tournament is one way that authors showcase their main character’s skills. It is a contest where people can get to know the characters and what they have to offer.

In Naruto, no one thought much about Rock Lee, but after his match against Gaara, everyone was on his side. That match was badass. Sorry for shifting focus. Back to fire force!!

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 3

Shinra, Arthur, and the other arrives at the tournament. He meets a really ‘tsundere’ girl named Tamaki. She’s pretty cute and Shinra and she crosses paths with each other in unimaginable ways ( Yes!!! its very dirty).

Maki-San introduces them to the mascots for the fire force company. Mamoru Kun, Cat, and Dog. Maki-San is cute as always.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 3

Shinra meets someone from his past. The Fire soldier who rescued from the burning fire when he was a little boy. He was the one who rescued him when he lost his mother and his little brother Sho. He acts very suspiciously around him, and Shinra catches on to something fishy.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 3

The games begin and right from the start, Shinra faces off against a villain. ‘Joker’, the villain who used a special powder has arrived at the scene and is creating chaos. He took down 2 crewmen and threatens to kill them. Shinra attacks him head one and it is a fight not to be missed.

The animation is flawless and the sound effects are marvelous. If you want to take in the glory and beauty of this anime then it is a humble suggestion to watch it while wearing earphones. Its a masterpiece.

The villain offers him the truth about the day that his mother and brother passed away. Shocked by the truth spilling out of Joker he realizes that something is wrong with the system he belongs to. Arthur and Tamaki join the fight and at this instant Joker understands that he has overstayed his welcome. He fills the whole room with the exploding powder.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 3
Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 3

Shinra and the other rush to save everyone in the building. As epic moments are considered this anime has many of them. It’s not an exaggeration but a fact. It is a complete masterpiece.

Captain Obi tells him about the three pillars of the country. The SOl temple, Haijima Industries, and the fire force academy. There is a mystery behind all these and that is what interests him.

Shinra gets to know the truth about the motives of the fire force company 8 and decides to join forces. This is the turning point of the story.

Episode 4: The Hero And The Princess

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 4

This episode marks the end of the introductory arc. We are introduced to Princess Hibana, the captain of the Special Fire force company 5th. She is a strong and bold woman. Stomping her away over a lot of men and she does it quite literally. She is a part of the Haijima Industries research division.

Shinra and Arthur save the mascot, Mamoru Kun, from the top of a tree. He was bullied by college students because of a firefighter gone rogue and killing civilians. The decision regarding his actions was to be taken on that day.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 4

Shinra and Arthur respond to an emergency broadcast by lieutenant Hinawa and rush to the courthouse. The psychopathic killer Miyamoto has turned into an infernal and is terrorizing the civilians. Shinra and Arthur heroically take him down.

The weird thing about the infernal is he was self-aware of who and what he was. This came as a shock to them and the matter of putting him to rest became a predicament. The soul of a fire soldier has to be strong to do these things.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 4

Shinra chases after him and lands in the middle of a street. One of the best fight scenes that have ever happened just unfolds. He throws a car up in the air and takes it down on to the infernal. The infernal gets bashed up bad and surrenders.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 4

As Shinra was about to put the infernal to rest, princess Hibana interferes. She uses some kind of spell to subdue Shinra. Fire Force Company 8 arrives just in the knick of time and saves him.

Betrayal regarding the secrets between human combustion is lurking inside the Fire Force Company 5. One of the recruits from company 5 disses Captain Obi. Shinra and Arthur get enraged and try to attack him. Maki-San in an effort to stop them instead lands a subtle blow on the recruit. It was the most hilarious and satisfying scene.

Photo Courtesy : Fire Force S1 Episode 4

Company 5 is up to something and it cannot be something good. Company 8th is the protector of the truth and they will try their best to do justice.

Until Next time. Latom.

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