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God Of Highschool Episode 11 : Jin Mori’s True Power Revealed!

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God of Highschool has been hyping everyone up with its amazing fight scenes and wonderful characters. The last episode left us with one of the best fight scenes in the series to date. A war is brewing and we cant wait to see what happens next. Let’s dive in.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

God of Highschool episode 11 continues the epic fight between Jin Mori and Park Illpyo. Illpyo has unlocked a power that surpasses that of God of himself. He is the one considered as the Key by every organization. He is the ‘one’ that everyone had desperately been waiting for.

The nine tail fox spirit was the guardian of God in ancient times. As his power grew, God began to despise its existence. He feared that it might rebel against him. The fox spirit decimated half of heaven and was banished to the world of humans. It went into a slumber for over 1000 years waiting for its turn to return.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

The Key was a central aspect of the story and I’m glad the anime offered a prologue before continuing the fight. In certain instances, the anime does justice to its characters and backstories. SIX is one of the main organizations in the anime and we hardly know anything about them. The anime isn’t perfect but it strives to deliver what the fans want.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

Jin Mori outmatched against this power, treads carefully before facing him. There is something unique about his Chakreyok and is cautious of this fact. All the Chakreyok users feel a tingling sensation and resonate along with Illpyo’s power.

To be honest, the power of Chakreyok is very complicated. The anime fails to mention this fact and the narrative of the story faces a great loss due to this. The fights are one of the best in anime history but the essence of anime is not mainly that. There should be a backstory, an interesting storyline which makes sense and that is what makes fights even more interesting to watch.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

Pushes to the edge Jin Mori unlocks an abnormal power. We don’t know what that power is actually. Is it some kind of Chakreyok or is it the power of the sage fruit?

The sage fruit is also something that has not been mentioned until now and I like that to exist as a mystery for a long time. He conjures up a storm and bashes Ilpyo with a big hand, presumably a monkey’s hand.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

Everyone’s shocked that the powerful ‘Key’ was defeated by Jin Mori’s latent abilities. This begs to question why is the power scaling out of proportion?

The anime does justice to the fights in the anime but lacks to do the same for the storyline.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

Park Illpyo arrives at the hospital along with his teammates. Jin Mori comes to visit him and tells him all about Jin Taeijin’s suspected kidnapping. The relationship between them started since they were little kids. It was especially a heartwarming scene when Illpyo tells Mori to call him big brother. The comradery between these two is something to look forward to. Jin Mori might be a cutting edge fighter but he is still so adorable.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

The grandson of one of the SIX members, Juon Jugok arises from his injury. He resonated with the power of the nine tail fox and turned into a monster. He consumes others and uses that energy to attack. Jaegal Taek encounters him and he is as brutal as ever. No mercy, no forgiveness he continues to go on a killing spree. Destroying everyone in his path.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

The monster eventually evades his attacks and reaches Illpyo’s room. He faces off with Ilpyo and his teammates. I’m sorry to quote a game character, but this monster resembles parasite. He used to consume other people by killing them and gained strength. Illpyo and his team along with Jaegal Teak subdue them but with a hefty cost.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

Jaegal Teak uses his Chakreyok and beheads the monster and along with that releases Illpyo’s captured teammates. Illpyo and his teammates soon realize that they have lost so much more. This brings back bad memories of an old ordeal between Jegal teak and Illpyo’s cousin 4 years back.
He erupts with pain as do we to be honest. Jeagal Teak gets kicked out of the building.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

Nox moves on to summon their ‘God’ like being and head towards the Key. Mujin Park makes an announcement that will shake everyone to the core.

“As of this moment, the God Of Highschool is over”

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 11

An epic scene in the ends sets the scene up for a war. Two more episodes to go. Let’s see if God of Highschool wraps all its plot holes and delivers us with a fantastic anime. No doubt it is a fantastic anime but story wise it can do far better.

Until next time. See ya!

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