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God Of Highschool Episode 8 & 9 – A New Tiger Cub Is Born

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Today we will be discussing God of Highschool episodes 8 and 9.
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God of Highschool is a Webtoon Korean Manhwa written and illustrated by Yongje Park and the anime produced by Crunchyroll and Mappa studios.

It revolves around Jin Mori and the GOH tournament in which people from different backgrounds, fighting styles come together to take part. Beneath all that, there is something more in the midst of all this.

To be honest, after watching 9 episodes of God Of Highschool I have noticed a few issues about the anime. I will discuss that further in the post but a quick recap to the event that transpired in episode 8

The magician, a member of the SIX watches from a distance as his grandson undergoes surgery. Park Mujin has to answer his questions on why Jegal Taek is not disqualified.

The mysterious key everyone talks about comes up again. The key is somewhat like ‘the chosen one’ sort of thing and it’s quite clear as to what it is.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

Another match wages on between Chungcheongnam-do V Jeollanam – Do. Jeollanam-Do wins the first round rather easily but the next two rounds Chungcheongnam – do teams for the taking. The Park cousins splendidly win their matches with ease.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

The highlight of this episode is Park Illpyo. He uses an old martial arts form called Tekkyon, forgotten for some time. Jin Mori realizes that he might have some connection with Jin Taeijin his grandfather.

Called forth by Park Mujin, Jin Mori learns about the possibility that his grandfather might be in danger. This has been running on his mind for some time. He feels that if he was a bit stronger he might be able to go help his grandfather.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

Just as he was thinking about all these things Park Illpyo comes to visit him. He instantly picks a fight with Jin Mori as soon as they meet. To be honest this was a fun scene to watch. Their fighting styles coincided in such a way that each of them had a chance at getting the other in a real fight.

Jin Mori asks about the tiger mark on his back and he confirms Mori’s suspicions that he might know Jin Taijin.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

The viewers are shown a glimpse of Illpyo’s past and how he became the person he is. Jin Taeijin gave him purpose when no one could. All left alone he was the one who gave him the textbook to learn all the techniques of Tekkyon, an art form that his grandfather Park Ittae had trained in.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

In a really heartwarming interaction, we find a really relatable sleepy head Jin Mori carried around by his grandfather. The anime depicts relationships in short scenes but all the while creates a sense of relatability. Even if it is a little bit fast paced the characters are fleshed out nicely.

For a boy who had very few good memories in his life, the words that Jin Taejin said to him were precious to him. This is the story of how he met Jin Taeijin.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

At that instant, Jeagal Teak attacks them out of the blue. Jin Mori’s escaped without a scratch due to Park Illpyo’s intervention. The writer does a fine job of depicting insecurities faced by Mori in subtle ways. The subtle thing swish past the audience and the idea gets implanted in their heads.

Q, one of the commissioners of GOH goes rogue and tries to attack Park Mujin. Allegations were thrown upon him on why he let Sim Bongsa’s family die. Mujin reciprocates by repelling Q to the wall and subduing him. Q realizes later that Mujin Park had actually saved his wife and daughter from Nox and had relocated them to another secret location.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

Mujin Park is in the neutral I guess. The author finely places him between the 2 extremes. We don’t know who or what he is and what fuels him to go on. Intrigue is a very enticing drug.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

Concerning events leading to the death of Sim Bogsa and the attack on Q, GOH tournament members know that there is a traitor in their midst and they want to find out who it is soon.

Han Daewi approaches Q and asks him to train him. He wants to attain Chakreyok and get stronger to help his team.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 8

Han and Mira get alerts on their phone saying it’s Mori’s bday. They rush to his apartment with food in hand. He cherishes the words that his grandfather said and understands the meaning of it all. This show is not all about fighting but the relationships and lessons they learn at each moment in life.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

Things get much dicier in episode 9. Jin Mori receives directions and a photo of his grandfather without a hand. He ditches the match and rushes off to save him.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

In the area, Yu Mira goes against a mysterious team. The Seoul team is at a disadvantage due to the suspension of Han Daewi and the unknown whereabouts of Jin Mori. Mira goes mano-e-mano with the muscular man.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

In a few minutes, she realizes he is not someone normal. She realizes that her moonlight sword is being yielded by the man right in front of her. Her power is being used against her, to undermine her and to destroy her. She strives to buy some time so that Jin Mori can return to the stage.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

As Han Daewi searches the complex for Jin Mori, he stumbles upon his former opponent incapacitated. Much to Han’s surprise this girl attacks her and after seeing his masculine aura falls kisses him. Everything is fast-paced in this anime.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

Jin Mori reaches a warehouse, presumably the location where his grandfather’s confined. He stumbles upon the place a fight his grandpa’s hand missing and in shackles. While he tries to remove the shackles the flesh mutates and ends up exploding.

Nox, the evil cult/organization has planned all this so that their team can win GOH. Mori finds dead bodies of different teams in the warehouse and realizes that they have been ‘cutting down the competition.’
Their goal is unknown but they will not stop until they win.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

The people facing Yu Mira as well as Jin Mori are imposters dresses as contestants. This tournament is brutal. People and villains infiltrate this shindig and the commissioners aren’t doing anything. Its an all-out brawl and the only motive is to find the key that will accomplish an unforeseen goal.

Yu Mira hurt, she hits a near-death state, she attains Chakreyok. She magnificently dodges her opponent’s attack and attains ownership of her sword back.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

She slices and dices her opponent and incapacitates him.

As she falls, Jin Mori approaches and holds her head before she hit the ground.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 9

Jin Mori looked angry. Like more than normal. In a very innovative way, the series shows how Mori took down the agent and how he takes down his current opponent simultaneously.

He uses a new move and takes them down instantly. The epicness of a strong main character being born is second to none

God Of Highschool episode 9

The Six realize that a new Tiger Cub is born and he is a force to reckon with.

The series is going at a good pace and the animation and storytelling are wonderful. But it’s a weird feeling when people use Chakreyok. I feel that this power scaling did not get a proper introduction. I understand that they will reveal the secrets behind the Chakreyok but still its a bit confusing.

I do appreciate the way that the fights are framed. Hand to hand combat along with Chakreyok. They don’t take away the essence that the anime provides.

4 more episodes left. The hype is real. Drop your opinions down in the comments. Until next time. See ya!

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