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Boruto Chapter 49 : Prepared – A Review

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another fun-filled anime review. I know I’m too late for this post but still wanted to review it because some awesome things are happening in Boruto. Let’s dive in.

Ishhikki Otsustuki has entered the vicinity of Konoha. He is hell-bent on finding Kawaki. The citizens of the town realize that there is a change in the atmosphere as he looms around in the sky.

Photo Courtesy : Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Konoha village preparing to deal with any casualties has been doing so for a long and they still stand strong amid an attack. Shikamaru advises the police squad to evacuate the village as soon as possible. He wants everyone to move fast and no one to engage Otsustukhi. The priority of attacking Othsutsuki will be for Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto heads out to battle.

I had this feeling when I saw the third Hokage head out for battle and we all know how that ended. The fear that either Sasuke or Naruto might die is alarming towards the citizens of Konoha as well as our fans.

Ishikki Otsutuki seems to be a very intellectual villain but his actions speak louder than his words. He repels a shuriken attack of one of the shinobis and kills them. Mercy is not an option for Ishikki at this point.

Photo Courtesy : Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Back at the interrogation room, as Sai is about to take Kawaki out through the underground tunnels Amado warns them that the enemy possesses a Byakugan. and they might stand out when transporting Kawaki. Sai explains that that won’t be an issue because the safety protocol for such events has already been initiated.

Over the years Konoha village has grown strong. Its become so high tech and so modern that preparation for almost any kind of attack exists. They have sensory ninja out on the lookout, they have tunnels to mask any kind of visual prowess. I figure that most of the people set this up after Pain’s attack on Konoha. Naruto has become a good Hokage I feel.

Boruto disheartened about not being able to help his father receives advice from Sasuke. His dilemma is understandable and as a teacher, it’s his job to intervene. At that same moment, Naruto rushes to face Ishikki Otsutsuki. Ishikki’s stunned to see Naruto alive and well after imprisoning him in that object.

Photo Courtesy : Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Sasuke and Boruto discuss their attack plan. Sasuke speaks about them being at a disadvantage against Ishikki. Them together at their full potential were not enough to stop Ishiki. He hears from Sarada that Boruto underwent a change that made him defeat Boro in an instant.

Boruto has fears relating to this power and the more he uses he is vulnerable to possession by Momoshiki. Sasuke promises to take care if something like that ever happens. Boruto possesses a mindset much like Sasuke. They are similar in many aspects but Boruto has the heart of Naruto as well as the wit of Sasuke. Most people don’t get this symbolism but it is quite open in the manga. The anime fails to depict this feature of Boruto’s psyche.

Photo Courtesy : Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

The battle between Naruto and Ishikki begins. Naruto as a leader always appreciates his fellow shinobi. They go against each other mercilessly until a victor arises. When Naruto was down Sasuke appears and teleports in place of Ishikki. The two main characters are together.

I didn’t like one aspect of this chapter. They used the same maneuver used against Momoshiki on Ishikki. There should be some kind of innovation when you reach this stage of the story but they insist on doing it again. The consistency of this anime is not good. Sometimes it gets better and sometimes it keeps repeating the same stuff.

Photo Courtesy : Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

As usual, Sasuke fakes an attack and throws his katana towards Ishiki. He tries to shrink the object but he is not able to. To his surprise, Boruto emerges and teleports them to another place. They are teleported to Barron land outside Konoha. Away from the danger so that they may fight.

This is also a problem. No training at all but still Boruto manages to learn something new. Sasuke learned teleportation after so many years of attaining the Rinnegan and this kid learns to do that in an instant. Being protege is one thing but this level of evolution is impossible. The writers should focus on that aspect.

Photo Courtesy : Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Boruto remembers a heartwarming moment. He asks for the headband with a cross on the leaf symbol. Sasuke’s headband is passed on to Boruto and this might be foreshadowing the death of Sasuke. The question of Sasuke dying or Naruto dying is 50-50 at the least. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Photo Courtesy : Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

The battle is about to begin. The question remains. Will this battle be a turning point for Konoha or will it mean the beginning of the destruction of the world.

Until next time! See ya!

6 replies on “Boruto Chapter 49 : Prepared – A Review”

So far from what I have seen, they are portraying Boruto as a prodigy. That’s actually something that I like because it sets him apart from Naruto who struggled a lot before getting any good. 🙂 But I do agree that sometimes things feel repetitive and that’s not good at all.


Agreed! I think Boruto anime is something only much younger audience may enjoy. It lacks the depth that Naruto had from the start. But manga is good, though. I have enjoyed it so far. 🙂


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