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One Piece Episode 938 & 939 : Daimyo Of Hakumai! Yasu The Hedgehog!

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Its been a few days and a lot of anime and manga to cover. Let’s get started.

One Piece anime has been picking up the pace and entering the main storyline of Wano. Let’s discuss episode 938 and 939 of One Piece.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 938

Orochi’s guards have caught Tonoyasu the good man who helped the villagers. They Identified him as the thief Ushimitsu Kozo who has been stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Beaten and tortured Tonayasu seems familiar to one of Orochi’s henchmen. He suspects that he might be the main player in the plotting of the attack against Kaido.

He circulates flyers to the whole of the flower capital. The thief Ushimitsu Kozo who is in the hands of Orochi’s men is up for execution during Komurasaki’s funeral. Upon hearing of the true identity of Ushimitsu Kozo, Orochi trembles in fright. It seems that the thief was a person who was a hindrance to Orochi’s way.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 938

Oda manages to maintain the suspense about the identity of the thief until the end. Each time his name was to reveal, the answers have curbed in a different direction. Misdirection and suspense are Oda’s weapons and he showcases them magnificently.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 938

Queen talks on the snail phone with Kaido in Udon Prison. Queen learns about the untimely demise of Komurasaki and hearing this destroyed him. He mourns for her. He rushes to the prison main yard. He ignores Luffy’s advances to fight more people and switches on a transponder snail. He watches from afar the situation going on in the flower capital.

Atamaya, the residence of Ashura Doji and his thieves, under attack and in the midst of decimation. Holdem Sama one of Kaido’s enforcers has come to pick a fight against him. He is under the pretense that he is responsible for stealing food and supplies from him.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 938

An epic fights wages on between the two which ends up in the burning of Atamaya, the home of the thieves. This is apparently a plan orchestrated by Dogstorm and Kinemom. They mean to pit Ashura Doji against the animal kingdom pirates. They want him to join them and bring back the AKazaya Nine to foil Kaido’s plans.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 938
Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 938

Brooke finds Zoro. In a hilarious scene, he finds him asleep with Hiyori hugging him and Toko beside him. Brooke is astonished that Zoro scored a girl like Hiyori and his soul pops out through his eyes as a result. He tries to sneak away from the house thinking its something kinky but Zoro clarifies that he isn’t doing any such thing.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 938

He meets with them and explains the situation going on in the flower capital. He explains about the capture of Ushimitsu Kozo and the impending execution of the thief. Toko after realizing his true identity rushes to save her father. The dread and fear resonating through her body are what the Wano people face throughout the days. Yasui-San the man Zoro met was her father and the thief. Its a race against time to stop the execution.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 939

This beautiful scene of Sakura leaves withering and floating stacked against Ushimitsu Kozo’s impending execution foreshadows worse things to come. The straw hats rush to see what has occurred to the beloved man of Ebisu Town. The truth lies beyond this persona that has left the people in shock.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 939

Daimyo of Hakumai! Yasu the hedgehog!

The true identity of Yasui San revealed – Shimotsuki Yasui

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 939
Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 939

We get a small glimpse of Oden. He visited Yasu san many times and confided in him with many facts and doubts he had. When Oden believed that he couldn’t be the Shogun of Wano, Yasu believed in him and it made quite a difference in his life. He became the shogun of Wano and became the people’s savior.

As Toko rushes towards the capital she slips and falls and at that instant, Yasui gets shot. Oda skillfully creates a bond between daughter and father. It is quite sad to see this and Oda is setting us up for some tears in the end.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 939

The people of Ebisu town rush towards the to stop it. The straw hats help them rushing towards the area. Robin and Ussop deploy very mild tactics to allow enough time for the people to enter the area.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 939

Yasu San says that Orochi is not going to let him go but before dying he wants to say a few words. Even in the face of death, he admires the blossoming sakura surrounding the flower capital. With lots of admiration, he is proud as to how the common people had brought up the beauty of the flower capital. It is not Orochi, who did it but the people of Wano. The only thing he has ever done is to destroy everything for his greed. Yasui calls him vermin.

To be honest, calling Orochi a vermin is the best insult ever. All he has ever done is whine and destroy everything good in Wano. This great man sparks the fire of rebellion in everyone in his final moments. The way Oda writes characters to advance the story is incredible. The feeling of sadness you feel for these characters is so real and pure, you cannot deny the greatness of Oda Senpai.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 939

That speech makes everyone teary-eyed. All the Akazya Nine who has seen that broadcast mourn for him. Saddened about the fact that they couldn’t save him from the clutches of Orochi.

Hatred for Orochi inches further and further into the surface. It has become uncontrollable and soon will turn into the greatest rebellion in Wano Kuni.

When the sakura leaves fall to the ground, something new will rise and encourage people to be the best version of themselves. This is what Oda has foreshadowed. Amid tyranny, hope will come about and it will lead to freedom.

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