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Black Clover Episode 138 & 139 : In Zara’s Footsteps, A Witch’s Homecoming

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Today we are going to talk about episode 138 and 139 of Black Clover.
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Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It revolves around Asta, a boy residing in the clover kingdom who does not have any magical abilities in a word where that isn’t considered normal. He trains and joins the Black bulls to achieve his aim of becoming the wizard king.

These past episodes have been around the Black Bulls undergoing training for their inevitable fight against the devil of the spade kingdom. They have to achieve level zero to encounter this danger.
Everyone is hard at work and on the pursuit of improvement. These episodes mainly focus on Zora and Vanessa.

Zora reminisces as he travels towards his father’s grave. He reminisces upon a certain incident before Zora’s father became a magic knight. Zara Ideale was the first magic knight from the peasant community accepted as a magic knight. His whole town was proud of him when he made it into the squad.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 138

He sees that there were already flowers at Zara’s grave and he ventures to find out who cares about him this much to make an offering like this. He finds a boy training by himself. Three boys approach the peasant to pick a fight. He blasts flame magic to intimidate his opponent. A 3 v 1 match wages on between the two but Zora intervenes to stop them in their track.

The boy aspires to be a magic knight like Zara Ideale and join the magic knights. His father approaches and Zora immediately recognizes an uncanny resemblance in him. He was the spitting image of the man who gave his father free flowers one day to show his support.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 138

The synopsis of this episode is such that even peasants can reach heights if they wish to. Believing in one’s self to attain greatness is what being a magic knight means. The story of Zora and the boy are similar. They believed that peasants cannot be magic knights, but their idol Zara Ideale proves that if you work hard you can achieve anything.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 138

Ina, the boy wishes he had been born in a normal family, instead of a poor on. This strikes a nerve in Zora and advises him, that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters as to how much work you put into achieving your goals.

The rich try to dominate the poor but right always wins. This episode captures the essence of that ideal. After seeing all the vents that transpired, he believes that training with the Black Bulls will be a better fit for him. He wants to show his father that he can reach further heights this way.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 138

Episode 139 focuses on Vanessa and her journey to improve her powers. Vanessa is one of my favorite characters in Black Clover. She considered herself to be a weak magic knight. After meeting Asta and after the duel in the underwater temple, she learned that she can also be someone strong.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 139

She fears that she may lose the battle against the devil in the spade kingdom and grows vary of this possibility. She travels to the Witches forest in search of new ways to train herself. She meets with the Queen of Witches to gain knowledge about spells that could protect and enhance the power of the magic knights.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 139

Vanessa already possesses Rogue, a mystical cat-like creature that can potentially change your fate. The queen senses that she is having the wrong idea about things. She tells her that she can give her power but only on one condition. She has to train two witches, Samantha Kravitz and Elvira Aguirre. Their peers consider them to be weak witches and they don’t have confidence in themselves because of this exact reason.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 139

Vanessa argues with the Queen that it is impossible to train them but she insists that she has to train them. She understands that these 2 witches are similar as she was when she had the choice of leaving the forest. They were weak but not without potential.

Vanessa seems to be a great teacher. She conveys a great message to the witches. They should use their magic to bring happiness to the world and to protect it. That is what they must strive to do. These words actually makes a great impact on the witches.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 139

While teaching them she realises, that the correct combinations can create a lasting impact. The same goes for spells. If she can intelligently combine spells, she may be able to enhance their output.

The witches tasked with the mission to drive out magical beasts from the forest prepared. Vanessa creates a big illusion along with the help of the two witches. The animals scared, run away far from the forest. Now their defense mechanism against the devils may work.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 139

These 2 episodes share a lot of similarities. Both of the Black Bulls members get a glimpse of where their road began. They get insights into how they were and how they are now. The road to success is analyzed through the path taken and the decisions made along the way. They understand what needs to be done on their own. The answer has been in front of them all this time. They just needed a little bit of perspective to see what was really going on. Both of them know this for a matter a fact and they have to be ready for the worst.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 139

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