Boku No Hero Academia

Boku No Hero Academia (OVA) : Ikinokore! Kesshi No Survival Kunren Episode 1 & 2 – A Review

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another fun-filled anime review.
A few days back Boku No Hero Academia dropped off 2 episodes which were OVA. Being a Boku no hero academia fan, waiting for season 5 of the anime was excruciating. This OVA is a Godsend.
Let’s dive in.

Boku No Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It revolves around Midoriya Izuku and a superhero society in which everyone wishes to be a Hero. Midoriya Izuku who has gained new powers joins UA and his journey to becoming the number 1 hero begins.

For those of you who don’t know, OVA are extra episodes that display events that transpired between the timeline of the series. This OVA highlights various events in the 3rd season of the anime, before the Provisional Hero Licensing exams.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

Class 1-A of UA has been under attack ever since the start of its first year. Countless villains have tried to kidnap, kill, or even destroy the heroes’ dreams but they have strived to get through all the hardships. The teachers thought that the students getting a provisional license in the first year would safeguard them from further attack due to this very reason.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

Their goal is to enter a broken down mall and rescue a civilian dummy. The class split into two teams must race against time to conquer this course.

The best thing about manga/anime like Boku No Hero Academia, the creator stresses to give importance to all characters. Each character’s quirk is essential to the plot and these episodes have executed that flawlessly.

By compatibility in quirks, Yaoyorozu Momo and Ida form the first group, Midoriya, Uraraka and Tsui form the second group, and Todoroki and Tokoyami form the third group. Bakugo ignores everyone and rushes headfirst into the scene. Kaminari and Kirishima rush towards the scene.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)
Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

After they enter the complex an unprecedented earthquake shatters all the floors. Our heroes fend off the destroyed pieces of debris. Quickly, they realize that instead of being rescuers, they have become victims of the accident that need rescuing.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

Bakugo and Midoriya are like 2 sides of a coin. Their goals are the same but their methods are different and the resourcefulness these two have, unparalleled. Bakugo wishes to switch on the electricity so that the elevators could work to transport the civilian dummy. As Kaminari and Kirishima are talking about them saving each other, Bakugo supports Kaminari, his friend, and encourages him that his time to help has not arrived yet. The emergency power can only restart with his help.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

The situation turns grim when our heroes find out that Ida collapsed due to an accident. They have to be skillful in moving the debris so that it doesn’t collapse on each other. Momo and Midoriya devise a scheme to help everyone out of the complex.

One by one they face off against issues using their quirks. Slowly they calculate and think of what to do. Uraraka and Tsui, along with Momo transport Ida safely outside. Midoriya tells Momo to make a rope ladder so that the other can escape that way as well.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

In the basement, Bakugo and the team find the emergency power room. Kaminari charges it up and gets it back on. Their obstacles increase from there on out.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

The main highlight of this episode was Bakugo and Midoriya. During the provisional license exams, Eraserhead tells Joke that his class is always supported by 2 pillars. Bakugo and Midoriya bring out the best in them and make the class want to fight harder. This whole OVA created a valid reason for that statement to be true. Without Bakugo’s resourcefulness and Midoriya’s thinking, they could not have won against this obstacle course.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

This OVA was worth watching because it highlights every character and creates a sense of relatability with the viewers. There are some heartwarming scenes and many funny ones. Bakugo really cares about people but doesn’t want to show it.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia S4(OVA)

Aizawa has a plan set to make them understand the importance and dangers of such exercises. He executes it very well and wishes the best for his students. He might seem moody and hard on them, but he cares for them really damn much. In conclusion, this is a must-watch OVA for all Boku No Hero Academia fans.

Until Next time. See ya!
Plus Ultra!!!!

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