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One Piece Episode 937 : Tonoyasu! Ebisu Town’s Most Loved! – A Review

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to another fun-filled anime review.
I keep saying this and don’t regret it one bit but the One Piece anime has been amazing. It has been continuing its streak ever since its release after the hiatus. Let’s dive into One Piece episode 937.

Old Man Hyogoro decapacitates Alpaca man with his Haki. An astonished Luffy is a mind blown by this man’s power. Old Man Hyogoro wants to repay the favor and help Luffy achieve the power he has been trying to harness. Ryou, meaning ‘flow’ refers to the power of Haki that Wano possesses. It is a strength that many people do not have.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937

To achieve the perfect level of Haki, he has to concentrate the flow of energy into one spot. This concentration forms a shield around the hand hence allowing people to pierce them. Luffy gets frustrated and takes down everyone mercilessly. He will need to stay calm to get it right.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937

In Ebisu town, the rest of the Strawhats, Kanjuro and Shinobu meet with Yasu-San. He is a public figure in that place and wants to help them out. Yasu- San knows the identities of Kanjuro and Shinobu but they don’t know who he is. He knows about the flyer and he insists on helping out.

Yasu-san portrayed as a sweet man takes care of the well being of All people. The elderly, the children, and almost everyone in the village loves him. He distributes grains of rice to everyone and the straw hats get to know that it is not from his earnings but from the money that Toko sends him. Toko, the little girl who tags along with Kozuki Hiyori is his daughter.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937
Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937
Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937

The secret behind the identity of Yasui hides in plain sight and masked by Oda’s misdirection. He shows smiles and happiness but deep inside he is hurting. A glimpse of his exploits at night leads him to much more trouble. The trouble he may not get out of anytime soon.

Big Mom, Okiku, and Chopper travel to Udon. Its night time and they are almost there. Big MOm craves for bean soup and wants it quick to quench her hunger.

Luffy and Old Man Hyogor remain inside the ring at the prison. He is hungry and wants some food. Old Man Hiyori is curious about why Luffy wants to defeat Kaido in battle. Luffy understands that it’s not ethical to talk about it amid enemies. He incapacitates them with his Haki and then starts talking.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937

Old man Hyogoro discovers the truth about the Yonko of the world. Luffy wants to take down all four of them and become the King of the Pirates. He discusses his dreams with Hyogoro.

In a surprise turn of events, Roger’s name pops a spark in Hyogoro’s head. Old man Hyogoro had known Roger when he had come to Wano Kuni. Oda foreshadows many things through just this conversation. The ties to Roger are hidden in every nook and corner of One PIece and its only time when it is all revealed.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937

At that moment Caribou arises from nowhere with Raizo along with him. Raizo recognizes Old Man Hyogoro and tells Luffy that he is non-other than the greatest Yakuza of the Old Wano Kuni. The Blue flower of Wano.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937

A touching scene with Old Man Hyogoro happens at that moment. The reason to give up on life was many but he is glad that he didn’t give up. He wishes to join the rebellion and fight against Kaido and Orochi. Luffy possesses such a persona and charisma that he can engage with a person and makes them feel better. The beaten-down shamefully treated Old man Hyogoro has found his stride along with Luffy. He had lost all hope in this world and was ready with one foot into the grave. This turn of events changed all that. His transition from his old self is an important part to win the war against Kaido.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 937

Old Man Hyogoro says that in prison, many people have rebelled against Orochi. These men will gladly join the cause to rebel against Kaido and Orochi in the war. The spark of hope has risen again and It will keep rising throughout the story.

The Wano Kuni Arc’s pacing has been appealing. The storyline, interesting characters, and reasons behind going to war for their country are so relatable that we want to watch more and more. It is a great time to be One Piece fan and I vouch for this myself. You will not regret watching the anime right now. It is so damn exciting and it is going to just get better and better.

Until Next time. See ya!

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