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Is Boku No Hero Academia : Heroes Rising Worth Watching?

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Today we will be discussing My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.
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Boku No Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Korishiki. It is a very popular anime loved by millions around the world. It revolves around Midoriya Izuku and a Superhuman society where everyone has powers. Midoriya does not possess ” a quirk ” or a power and he gains one from the no.1 hero “All Might”. He aims to be the number one hero through struggle and determination.

Boku No Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is an action-packed movie in which a villain named Nine seeks to bring his plan to fruition. Shigaraki and the leagues of villains plot to bring him to their side for world domination. Endeavor and the heroes disrupt their plans.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising
Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Nine and his team escape and aim to steal quirks. As the name suggests, he can store 8 different quirks in his body and the one quirk he has is absorption.

Class 1 A of UA Hero Academy is authorized to go to Nabu island according to the hero association. They must serve for 1 month in that island as part of a practical hero project. With so many attacks upon this particular class the teachers are hesitant to leave them.
They are even told that they will be the only ones on the island and there will be no pro heroes.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Nabu island’s exact location is somewhere in the southern part of Japan. It is a secluded island and the crime rate is almost non-existent. Our students do hard work day and night, protecting the civilians and helping them. The students go through a true hero like experience there.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Katsuma and Mahoro are siblings that are targets for Nine. After stealing their father’s “quirk” and finding that it is not compatible with his body, he sets his sights on the siblings.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Katsuma has a cell activation quirk and he feels that his quirk is not enough to be a hero. Midoriya understands this fact more than anyone because he was quirk-less. He encourages the boy and says “Let’s try our best. ” While this is being said, Bakugo looks on with interest when Midoriya conveys his beliefs. Both of them understand what each other wants to achieve and they act in coordination. It’s a wonderful sight to witness.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Nine and his band of villains infiltrate the island. They take out all the communication, transport, and all modes of escape. The students have to step up to solve this issue now.

Nine’s accomplices attack each sector of the island. Chimera goes against Todoroki, Iida and the other at the beach. Mummy goes up against heroes at the Hero agency. Slice takes out all modes of transport at the docks.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising
Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising
Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Nine instructs them to handle all the heroes so that he can peacefully go and steal Katsuma’s quirk. Midoriya finds the children and puts a halt to Nine’s plan. One for All’s power seems appealing to Nine and he attempts to steal it. He is not able to steal it because One for All is only transferrable if the user allows it.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Bakugo also joins the fight alongside Midoriya. The fact that Bakugo and Midoriya can work together after a lot of fights shows that the characters have grown so much. The comradery is visible between them. The fight escalates and Nine eventually reaches his limit. The other heroes come to the scene and rescue the children.

Our heroes are all battered and bruised. Katsuma tries to help Midoriya and Bakugo because they saved his life. The whole class devices a plan to stop the villains. They very well know that the villain and his power is out of their league. As the only heroes on the island, they realize they have to step up to defeat this villain.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

Our heroes coordinate and attack and separate the accomplices. Bakugo and Midoriya face off against the villain while his accomplices are nowhere in sight. There is a potential spoiler to where I’m leading this article, so I won’t emphasize that too much. They work in unison to take down the villain.

The main highlight of this movie is the friendship and trust between Bakugo and Midoriya. The plot has been set in such a way that each character quirks showcased pave a bright future for our heroes. Todoroki was never a team player but we can see him working together effectively. Uraraka has reached new skills and she implements them confidently. Every character has reached new heights and the teachers can be proud of their students. They were against adversaries far greater than themselves but they fought against all odds to achieve victory.

Photo Courtesy : Boku No Hero Academia – Heroes Rising

This movie by far the best in the series. I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. It has a great premise, an exciting storyline, and great animation. The fights are one a kind and each second is nerve-racking. Until next time. See ya!

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