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God Of Highschool Episode 5 : Ronde/ Hound – A Review

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Today we will be discussing God of Highschool episode 5

God of Highschool has proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Every episode is a marvel to watch. The creator Yongje Park and Mappa studios may have created a spectacle that is engaging as well as emotional.

In the last episode we were left shocked and trembling after Han Daewi and Yoo Mira clashed fists. She was overpowered and taken down brutally by Han Daewi.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

Han Daewi has been a very complicated character from the beginning and none of his tournament friends know about his past. The reason he is fighting in the tournament is to save his friend who is hospitalized with an incurable disease.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

Woo Seungtae and Han Daewi were friends who fought against the world but with the world turned against, it calls for some drastic measures. The past is showcased a bit in this episode and how their friendship bloomed.
The past is seriously a defining element for character development.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

Jin Mori meets Yoo Mira in the hospital after her brutal fight. She is a considerate friend and understands that something must be going on with him as he is acting this way. When Yoo Mira was about to marry Seongjin, Mori and Han came to her rescue. Without asking for help they exactly knew what she was going through and reached by her side to help her. She understands and wants to do the same for him.

The anime’s pacing is really good. Character development plays a great part in this and they have got that correct. Mujin Park offers an ultimatum for Han Daewi’s request. He makes a deal with him and the conditions say that he has to win the semi-finals as well as the finals to truly help his friend. We understand the reason why he was acting out like that against his friend.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

The fight between Jin Mori and Han Daewi was something from fairytales. It blew my expectations right out of the water. Mori understands that he is in a lot of pain and purposely holds back so that he might be able to take out a little bit of his frustration on him. Daewi goes all out and pummels on Mori. Neither of them is backing down.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5
Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

Mujin Park comes to the side of the ring to deliver bitter news. Han Daewi’s friend has passed away and this puts a toll on him. Jin Mori goes all out on Han but he has no fight left in him. As Jin Mori is about to put out the finishing blow on Han, Mira comes with a loudspeaker in hand. She tells Han to keep fighting on and not to give up. She gives him a letter from his friend who passed away.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

In it contained encouraging words that fuelled the flame in him to fight more. Jin Mori understands and acts accordingly.

The fight from this point is so innovative and so exciting that no one would be able to sit on their seat. It takes you to the edge, raises your heartbeat, and pumps the adrenaline in you. They both go all out in the end but the victor is none other than Jin Mori.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

The most touching scene in this episode was when Mori picked him up on his shoulder and Mira got his other side. Some friendships are infinite. Misunderstanding cannot break them.

An aloof Han Daewi has finally taken his friend’s advice and puts trust in people. Trust in people is reciprocated back and forms a great bond.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 5

Many people mistook this for an all-out brawling tournament, but it’s much more than that. Each fight, each move represents an extension of one’s emotion. The beautiful comradery between the characters is what makes this anime worthwhile. Episode 5 has set the standards high for the upcoming episodes. Looking forward to more of this.

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