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Black Clover Episode 136 : A Black Deep Sea Story – A Review

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Black Clover:

Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It revolves around who have no magical powers in a world filled with magic. He starts his journey to being the Wizard King along with the help of his teammates in the Black bulls.

A Black Deep Sea Story:

A new week and a new Black Clover episode. Black Clover has recently been releasing training arcs with concern to the devil in the spade kingdom. They have to achieve stronger abilities so that they can take down the devil.

The Black Bulls travel towards Raquey, a beachside destination that is tropical. It is considered a strong magic region and the Black Bulls have come here to train their bodies so that their mana will increase before the fight.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

Noelle is seen training on top of the boulder. She tries to amass the water mana in the sea and train her powers to achieve more focus. She hears a voice that makes her see her mother. I love how Black Clover has been focusing a little bit on Noelle for the past few episodes. Her connection with her mother who passed away is really strong. She wishes to be like her and is adamant to succeed.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

We see all our black bulls members chilling out on the beach. Guache and Gordon read about bodybuilding and what to do to improve that ability. It is so weird to see Gauche not being a sister complexed guy. Yami is clam and enjoys a drink on the beach without doing anything.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

Noelle rushes towards a sound she heard in the middle of dinner. Asta follows her and suddenly a burst of water appears before them. Kahono and Kioto from the Underwater temple had arrived. They request help from the Black bulls to save the temple.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

The Black Bulls arrive at the Underwater temple and they are briefed of the situation. The mana in the water has been out of control and it is originating from a point called void of no return. The sea guardian rests there and he is enraged due to some issue.

Yami refuses to help because it might jeopardize the squad and put them in harm’s way. Noelle steps up and offers to help. She thinks that maybe the devil who killed her mother Megicula is behind this and wants to do whatever she can.

Since the last time Noelle was at the Underwater Temple, she has attained new power and confidence. It is worthy of the title of princess. Her character development is the most prominent from the beginning and it continues to grow. I love how she is evolving as a person.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

Noelle plots a plan to enter and execute the plan safely. She is not that afraid, complex girl who feared her brother’s opinions. She has risen to be accountable for her actions. She proposes to use the sea dragon’s cradle but in a shorter and condensed form. She believes that it will make the defense stronger and much more agile because they will be entering a strong magic region. Since the size of the cradle is small it cannot take everyone. Yami tells them that Noelle, Kaohono, Kioto, and Finral will go.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

They enter the den of the guardian of the sea and they are attacked by mysterious merpeople. Kahono and Kioto go and try to fight the merpeople but they are too strong for them. The Merpeople blow up Noelle’s defense and they are sent in a different direction inside the water.
Noelle realizes that her journey has just begun and she needs to get stronger to find the answers to her questions.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

She controls the water mana inside the den and creates a powerful force field to protect all her friends. It works both as an offense and a defense.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

They move further into the den of the monster where they find the Kraken. He is the gatekeeper to the guardian of the sea. The Kraken starts attacking but Finral who was alert directs its attack against itself. Finral has also come a long way since the last time he was here. He always considered himself beneath himself but he has changed because of Asta and he has become a better fighter now. Black Clover does one thing right over everything. It gives importance to its characters and their evolution from time to time. They try to convey to the readers that the characters do evolve and change.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136
Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

Noelle activates her valkyrie armor and takes out the Kraken for a short time so that she can slip past them into the sea guardian’s nest.
The guardian of the sea appears and she is distraught. Kahono and Kiato perform the song and dance to calm the creature down. We see that she was pregnant and a baby is born.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136
Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

All the creatures were trying to protect her child. Noelle realizes that the voice she has been hearing was a lullaby sung by the Guardian of the sea. She approaches her and it somehow shows an image of her mother in a chair. Noelle is shocked at this.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136
Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

The Guardian of the sea sets everything back to normal. Noelle is touched by the love for the creature’s love for the child and cries at this sight. She understands the values of this world. She thinks maybe her mother also had visited this place before as the guardian of the sea shows her the images. Noelle as a character is starting to look like a real queen, Learning of those wonders and people of this world.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136
Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136
Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 136

They return to land are their friends thank them for saving them from imminent danger. A heartwarming scene between Yami brought a sense of happiness to my eyes. He tells him that last time Finral was here he was good for nothing who would hesitate to join a battle but he has come far to where he is now. He has found his fighting style and will strive to achieve his goals further in the future. Black Clover has given me an amazing experience. It is scenes like these that put anime apart from other storytelling media. It resonates with us and makes u want to become a better version of ourselves. The black bulls are trying to do exactly that. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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