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One Piece episode 934 : A Big Turnover! The Three-Sword Style Overcomes Danger! – A Review

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One Piece is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Eichiro Oda. It has been continuing its story on Shonen for more than 2 decades now. The anime adaptation has been done by Toei animation. It revolves around the life of Monkey D Luffy and the Straw hat pirates, going on an adventure to find the great treasure One Piece. Luffy wishes to become the pirate king and bring change to the world.

Synopsis and review:

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

As a big-time One Piece fan, I agree that there were low points in the timeline of the anime. Today I can be a proud One Piece fan and say that slump is over. The quality in the animation, the pace, and the story building have reached great proportions after the hiatus.

The episode starts with Zoro, Hitokiri Kamazo, and Gyukimaru standing off against each other on bandit’s bridge. An epic battle is going to wage between these three. The tint for this scene is just like an old samurai film. Blue tint with a little bit of slow-motion animation in the snow. Zoro blasts off to face of Hitokiri Kamazo and engages in an epic fight scene. Zoro is always a treat to watch and I’m proud of Toei for redeeming him for the whole of the Wano Kuni Arc.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

We are shown Queen’s Sumo Inferno and Luffy has defeated Batman and Gazzelman. He demands Queen to give him much stronger opponents. Queen sends in a Bear-man who possesses a bear smile fruit.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

Luffy starts punching him but the bear does not feel any of his punches. Luffy realizes that he is the perfect opponent to try out the new Haki he has been practicing. He gets excited and charges up his Haki. he imagines an imaginary shield on top of his Haki and stops bear-man’s punch in mid-air without even touching him.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

He then proceeds to punch him in the gut piercing through his abdomen, incapacitating him completely.

Dogstorm and Kinemom meet up. They discuss a major problem that could be a hindrance to their plan. The secret of the crescent moon tattoo and the flyer has been exposed and their rebellion may be blocked by Kaido’s men. Their allies are being caught by Kaido and Orochi’s men.

Kyoshiro is seen at the brothel where Komurasaki’s wake has been canceled. People are uneasy due to this. Orochi is furious by Komurasaki’s death and goes crazy.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

Orochi’s men are more concerned with the flyer they found. They decipher the contents of the flyer. The fire symbol suggests the fire festival, the two birds suggest twilight, and the snake, in the end, suggests the rendevous point, Habu port.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

In Ebisu town, Law, Shinobu, and the straw hats discuss the recent events. With the capture of Bepo and Law’s crew, Shinobu suspects that they might have ratted them out to Orochi’s men. Law is rushing to save them but is being persuaded by all the StrawHats. Shinobu suggests that they kill them to contain the issue, but Law is totally against it.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

The people of Wano Kuni have been waiting for 20 years for this day to come and that desperation has led them to take drastic measures. The feelings they go through, the things they have seen are too gruesome. Oda conveys the aspects of slavery, redemption, and vengefulness in this episode. In the end, Otako’s father enters the hut where they were discussing. He immediately understands Shinobu and Kanjuro. A past connection perhaps. Will have to wait and see.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

At the bandit’s bridge, Zoro and Hitokiri go head-on. the animation is spot on and every frame is different. I love a good old samurai fight. As Zoro defends against Hitokir, Gyukimaru notices his back is unguarded and pounces to attack him. Zoro dodges but in that instant Hitokiri takes advantage and stabs Zoro with his weapon.

Zoro, being the badass he locks the weapon inside his shoulder so that he cannot remove it. Zoro evades Hitokiri and removes the weapon and uses it as the third sword.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

Zoro, being the badass he locks the weapon inside his shoulder so that he cannot remove it. Zoro evades Hitokiri and removes the weapon and uses it as the third sword.

After such a long time, Zoro’s patent fighting music plays and he uses three sword style Onigiri. In a fraction of a second Zoro dodges Hitokiri’s attack and slashes Hitokiri making him bleed on the floor. Zoro has also lost a lot of blood and he falls to the floor.

Photo Courtesy : One Piece episode 934

The epicness in this episode is mind-blowing. When the manga is getting good, the anime is trying to do good to the final arcs as well. I appreciate Toei animation is taking a really good approach to this. They are doing justice to the anime. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes and this episode was totally amazing. 10/10 for this episode.

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