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Black Clover Episode 135: The One Who Has My Heart, My Mind, and Soul – A Review

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another review.
Today I will be covering Black clover episode 135.
This week has been pretty busy and I apologize for not reviewing, all the manga and anime I usually review. I will make it up to you in the coming days. So let’s get started.

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Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. The story revolves around a boy named Asta who does not possess magical abilities, that are considered not normal for his world. He aspires to become the Wizard King along with the help of his Black Bull Mages.

Synopsis :

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Asta is tuckered out from his excruciating workout. Finral approaches Asta with a serious look on his face and explains that he is cursed. Noelle hilariously responds saying ” your just crazy for girl’s attention”. Finral explains that Langris, his brother told him that he is cursed and he is going to be a playboy all his life. Finral wants to be worthy enough so that Ms. Finnes would be happy and appreciate him. Asta agrees to help him out.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

The scene cuts to the Dreavy Hinker, a bar that Asta and Finral had gone for a mixer party long back. We see an old face in the series after a long time. In the last episode we saw Sister Theresa make an appearance and in this episode a girl that Asta met at the orphanage, Rebecca Scarlet appears. She is in awe as to why Asta had invited her and does not want to let her chance go. Noelle is as always jealous of all the girls Asta gets and quietly spies on the mixer party. Joining Asta are Luck and Finral. He tests himself to stay away from talking to any girls at the party to learn how to control his emotions, but it quickly backfires for him, as a girl is interested in him.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Langris, Finral’s younger brother has also arrived at the bar with Ms. Finness to spy on the antics of Finral. He wants to show Ms. Finness that Finral is a playboy and he can’t control himself in front of women. Nero notices it right away and becomes suspicious of his presence.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Nero goes to serve more items in a different room and she finds Yami, Gordon, and Magna with Charlotte of the blue Rose knights and its members. Nero expects that it might be a meeting about the devil in the Spade Kingdom. She is so wrong. It was a party. Captain Charlotte has a major crush on Captain Yami and she wishes to tell him that very soon.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Captain Charlotte is dressed up like a petite flower and she appreciates her team members pushing her towards this relationship. Her main advice-giver on this is Puli Angel who has given countless advice to many members so that they can have a love life of their own. She is like the cupid of the squad.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Puli quickly realizes how thick-headed Captain Yami is when it comes to love. Puli and the girls regroup in the washroom and advice Captain Charlotte on how she should be more appealing. She advises her to be considerate and serve food to Captain Yami and how she should be a good listener while your loved one talks his heart out. The transition between this scene, showing the other couples out in the bar, and comparing it with this issue is appreciated in this episode.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Puli also tells her a secret trick to use as well. The intimate ritual of a very nonchalant body touch. The scenes where she is embarrassed so much is really enjoyable.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

We can see Asta and Rebecca making plans to travel after all the devil slaying is done. Noelle is pretty jealous. We also see Gordon and Puli hitting it off and I would like to see where that goes from here. 😀

For all the black clover fans out there. The most shocking thing happened on the table. Yami offered some food to Charlotte. Who knew he could be so considerate?

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Right after this Yami and Charlotte share that Non- Challant body touch which is a sight for sore eyes. Kawaaaiiii !!!! As soon as that she got soo shy she flung herself out of the window. When Yami speculates she might have jumped out the window because his hands were dirty or something. Out of all the people in the room, Gordon says that it may not be what it seems. Talk about character development.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

Captain Charlotte comes barging in through the door and Finral saves her. She is so embarrassed by it she throws him down. Finral almost starts to flirt with her but he controls himself. Ms. Finnes is convinced that he has a kind heart and he is not that bad of a playboy.

At the end of the episode, Rebecca gives Noelle a bit of advice. She says Asta is a bit thick-headed so she should be more direct. I love how they make comparisons between Asta and Noelle = Yami and Charlotte. It’s one of the many reasons to watch this anime.

Photo Courtesy: Black Clover episode 135

My review:

This week’s episode was a joyful one. Even if the episode was filler, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Black clover anime is consistent and keeps on going well. I feel the animation has jumped leaps and bounds and it is going pretty well. This episode brought out potential romances that could occur between our characters. It was a slice of life episode that just showed what our favourite mages do in their leisure time. Looking forward to more episodes on the way. Give it a watch. Its a lot of fun.
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