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God of Highschool episode 3 : Wisdom / Kingdom – A Review

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Today we will be discussing episode 3 of God of Highschool.

God of Highschool, written and illustrated by Yongje Park is produced by Crunchyroll production and adapted from webtoons Manhwa. It discusses a fighting tournament set in Seoul, South Korea, where the best fighter is given any wish fulfilled.

The first scene brings us visuals of a cult surrounded by some members plotting something sinister. They explain that it is almost time to initiate their plans. This is the introduction of the villainous organization.

Photo Courtesy : God of HIghschool episode 3

The scene cuts to Go Ghambda and his former opponent in the hospital. Go Ghambda is in really bad shape and hence he has been disqualified from the tournament. His former opponent is going through a mental breakdown and is also eliminated. Mujin Park and his team of coordinators are deciding on what punishment to give Jin Mori.

Mujin peruses through Jin Mori’s application and finds his grandfather’s name familiar. So he decides that Jin Mori will fight one of the tournament coordinators. If the coordinator is defeated, Jin Mori will be reinstated in the match.

Photo Courtesy : God of HIghschool episode 3

The scene with Yoo Mira starts off with a battle against Mah Misseon. Maa Misseon is a pro wrestler and she taunts Mira by saying that her wooden sword is not going to be a match for her. Mah Misseon brutally beats up Mira and in a series of consecutive attacks takes away her sword. She is left defenseless. Mira uses a no sword style and puts a dent in Mah Misseon, finally incapacitating her.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 3

While leaving the arena, Jin Mori is given a bag of fruits by Mujin Park. He says to him to eat them to replenish his energy. He does this with a very sinister smile. We see a cut scene suggesting that those fruits have some kind of power that might be disastrous for normal humans.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 3

Jin Mori consumes all the fruits and falls to the ground unconscious. Blood seeps out of his body and he is completely incapacitated.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 3

In this episode, we also learn about Han Daewi’s friend who has been hospitalized. This is the same person who he is fighting to earn money for. We find out that he is going through some incurable disease and his sister is working triple shifts to cover up the medical expenses. Han Daewi consoles him as a good friend. You will feel much more relatable to Han after this episode.

The next scene cuts to the arena. Han Daewi is paired against Baek Seungchul, the man who uses a baseball bat. We get to know his fighting style up-close and personal. He memorizes the patterns that fighters use in combat and writes them in his book. He memorizes them and implements them in his fighting style. Han is overpowered by this method. He memorizes the timing of the attacks of his opponent. He gets beat down every single time but he comes back stronger and stronger. In one instant his opponent slipped and he offered to help. It shows how good of a gentleman Han Daewi is.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 3

He is pushed by a raging passion to save his friend. He goes against all odds and releases his final move. A 4 stance karate tactic.
He immobilizes his opponent’s defense, then strikes the main points in his body and incapacitates him. Han Wins the round fair and square.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 3

In the final scene, Jin Mori, our hyperactive fighter enters the ring. He takes down the coordinator in an instant. This leads to something horrific releasing from inside him. It captures Jin and tries to kill him. He is stopped by the other coordinators and Jin is the winner. Mujin Park has very sinister plans for Jin. He hopes to never let him go to achieve a certain goal. We will have to wait and see to find out.

Photo Courtesy : God of Highschool episode 3

My review:

God of High school is turning out to be a force to be reckoned with. Episode 3 and still it is hyping viewers like crazy. Especially, the opening is something I love. It has this crazy new generation feel to it that just makes you want to go crazy. The anime is going in a different than the manhwa but still, it sets the mark and builds characters up on the way. Up until now, everything is looking wonderful for this anime.

Han Daewi needs a special mention here because he is that bad boy type kid with a good heart. Heartwarming characters like this are hard to come by and I appreciate the makers for doing something like this. I would definitely suggest you watch this.
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